Make a garden trellis system for under $5!!

Raised Bed Trellis for Under $5

Looking after your organic garden takes planning so this article has some helpful organic gardening tips for having a successful organic backyard garden.

Vertical gardening- making a SIMPLE and CHEAP trellis for pole beans.

I got my green beans in the ground over the weekend, and I'm glad that I did because the weather made a turn for the worse.

TWINE TRELLIS   I love this idea. cheap and easy...

I continue to work on the post that will tell the full story of deck structures at my house, but meanwhile, with the Moonflowers and Mor.

Nothing beats chicken wire for effective and cheap trellis material. Check out some neat trellis brackets over at!

Save garden space by growing UP and use repurposed items to gain height and beauty at the same time.

Cattle panel tomato trellis - let's be done with floppy cages!

Cattle panel tomato trellis - let's be done with floppy cages! Did this with beans and peas why I didn't think of tomatoes!

7 Ways to Upcycle and Repurpose in the Garden |

"Want an easy and cheap trellis to grow pole beans on? Plant giant sunflowers in the spring and after they are harvested, keep the stalks in the ground and plant pole beans around them in the fall. The beans will sprout and grow up the stalks.

Low Cost No Cost Trellises - Ladders

Low Cost & No Cost Garden Trellis Ideas

Trellises serve an important function in the garden. They can be completely utilitarian or they can be a work of art. A trellis for any price range.

Cheap Trellis Ideas for Growing Peas

Cheap Options for Trellis for Growing Peas

Growing Peas Using a Tomato Cage - isn't it a good thing that I'm late planting peas? Very clever!

A string or cord stretched between house eaves and the ground makes an inexpensive flower trellis or scaffold for vines. Originally published as

Terrific Flower Trellis - DIY

Nail on eaves + string tied to bricks = quick and cheap trellis