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38 entries are tagged with anti ford jokes. Congratulations Ford You now look like a Toyota

Someone says as they sit in a Ford

OK I'm a born & raised Ford lover but if you can't have a sense of humor I pity you, cuz in the words of Larry the Cable Guy "that's funny right .

Who ever said getting coal for Christmas was bad? Lol! #diesel #christmas

The most beautiful lifted white dual-stack generation Dodge Cummins. Nearly identical to the beauty I see regularly sporting two adorable twins.

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A free dog with purchase of a new Chevrolet. so you don't have to walk alone!

Chevy Jokes on Twitter: "#Chevy hiding from the mean #Ford https ...

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Oh where, oh where, has my chevy gone? With its tires cut and its taillights gone Oh where, oh where can it be?


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