Rococo Inspired ~  Ekaterina Belinskaya

carmidoll: Ekaterina Belinskaya - marieantoinettesplayhouse

Peace, Softness, Ophelia by Avine “ model - Russian actress Olga Makeeva style - Alisa Gagarina&Aneta Sheripova make-up - Yana Efremova hair - Alexey Yaroslavtsev set designer - Lola.

Характер - Это судьба (подборка фотопортретов) - Ярмарка Мастеров - ручная работа, handmade

This image gives of an old fashioned/noir feeling, the way her makeup is applied and the cigarette. The low key lighting really helps define her face, hand and jawline.

Chiaroscuro -use of contrast between light and dark- photography

Pin is from Angelica Cruz. I chose this photograph because it has a visual cue, chiaroscuro lighting. Chiaroscuro lighting makes the photo more dramatic because it creates an illusion of making it more three-dimensional.

Lancia TrendVisions Trendwall

Gatsby connects the green light to a person; This photo shows green light being cascaded onto a person.

Martina Mueller Callisti. I seriously love this style of photography. classically beautiful.

Best Photography of 2014

I like how the low key lighting gives the models face a more angular look. I would guess two lights where used, one to illuminate the left side of her face and one to illuminate the top of her head.

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dance photo by stairway great use of shadow and light in this black & white photography - Cris Figueiredo

B&W photography

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