Artwork by Lin Ran

Digital Art by Lin Ran

Artist: Linran {contemporary figurative beautiful discreet semi-nude female head woman face digital photorealism painting} Look at the light, shadow and minimal color used!

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Gatsby connects the green light to a person; This photo shows green light being cascaded onto a person.

Rococo Inspired ~  Ekaterina Belinskaya

carmidoll: Ekaterina Belinskaya - marieantoinettesplayhouse

Peace, Softness, Ophelia by Avine “ model - Russian actress Olga Makeeva style - Alisa Gagarina&Aneta Sheripova make-up - Yana Efremova hair - Alexey Yaroslavtsev set designer - Lola.

Nirav Patel (I need a guide)

Nirav Patel (I need a guide)



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C In this photograph of a hanging pear, the viewers eyes immediately are focused on the center of the pear, which is the only visible color due to the high contrast between the light and dark shades.