Chucky, Lineup

Everyone's favourite serial killer doll, Charles Lee Ray, aka Chucky, from the Child's Play series of movies.

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Jennifer Tilley in The Bride of Chucky (1998) I looove this movie and Jennifer Tilley.

Jennifer Tilly as human Tiffany and voice of doll Tiffany in Child's Play Bride of Chucky 1998 American comedy horror film.

For Sale: Chucky Child's Play 8x10 Movie Photo - Evil Doll - Creepy - Butcher Knife

For Sale: Chucky Child's Play Movie Photo - Evil Doll - Creepy - Butcher Knife

Whoa I love the art style!

Michael Myers Leatherface Ghostface Billy Saw Chucky Jason Voorhees Freddy Krueger Horror film icons and my childhood.

Chucky #1.... fun fact,  this was my fav. Movie when I was younger.....

Chucky as seen in "Bride Of Chucky" and "Seed Of Chucky", the fourth and fifth movies in the "Child's Play" series.

Chucky and Tiffany by HumanPinCushion

Human Chucky and Tiffany holding their dolls (+cosplaying as the dolls) After being asked many times to draw the Tiffany doll, I finally did. Chucky and Tiffany