cinnamon basil to repel mosquitoes and enhance tomato flavor

Love Your Basil: Cinnamon Basil

Cinnamon basil! More at Deep waterings every week, let the soil dry out before watering again. Plenty of sun! Make sure to trim it down every now and again to encourage bushy growth. Take the tender leaves off the top, but leave the big ones near the base for plant health. If you want the leaves, clip the buds off to encourage good leaf growth. Slight flavor of cinnamon, plant smells fantastic, natural mosquito repellent.

Love Your Basil: Cinnamon Basil

Recipe for using cinnamon basil to make cookies. Use fresh cinnamon basil from the garden and make fresh herbal cookies using organic herbs.

Baked Apples with Cinnamon Basil and Cinnamon Basil Cupcakes

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Cinnamon basil - use in teas and cooking.

'Cinnamon' Basil Cinnamon scented basil that's beautiful and delicious. Grow ornamentally for it's pink flowers and pest control properties or as an edible for use in tomato dishes, pasta sauces and soups.

When she thinks of summer, our guest blogger, Ramona Werst, thinks of lemonade. Learn how to grow and cook with her favorite lemonade garnish: lemon basil.

Love Your Basil: Lemon Basil

Cinnamon Basil!  Bought this today along with my other herbs, Rosemary, mint, cilantro, really does taste like cinnamon !!  2013 herbs.

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Basil Ice Cream |

Basil Ice Cream

This basil ice cream may sound strange at first, but basil actually comes from the mint family. So if you've ever enjoyed a scoop of mint chocolate chip, give this herbal variation a try. Best enjoyed outside in a blooming garden on a bright, sunny day.

Traditionally savory summer flavors go sweet in this delicious cinnamon basil and pine nut praline ice cream.

Cinnamon Basil and Pine Nut Praline Ice Cream

Cinnamon Basil Cookies

Cinnamon Basil Cookies- make again with better shortbread recipe, add lime and basil.

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Small-Space Garden Projects - Green Gardening - Natural Home & Garden

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