First week activity. love this activity and you could do any question. builds community.

Six Classroom Questions to start off the school year! Love these questions and I love me some sticky note activities.I'm keeping Post-it in business!

Pledge... Perfect for our school. We have our students say this daily... And we can place it in their data notebooks and students can refer back to it when needed.

First Grade Wow: beginning of year school pledge. Nice unit to go with it focusing on school rules. Perfect for poetry day on Monday!

Teaming Up To Teach: Superhero Classroom Theme....and a freebie!

Teaming Up To Teach: Superhero Classroom Theme.and a freebie! (I love this but would change it to my theme, The Peanuts!

Create a Class Pledge in an adorable Shabby Chic-themed classroom by combining the letters and Lined Chart

Shabby Chic Lined Chart

I like the idea of a classroom pledge. It can be create by the class so they take ownership and can be referenced everyday to remind them what their job is in the classroom.

Printables for the Pledge of Allegiance and the Lord's Prayer {boy and girl version}

Preschool Corner ~ Pledge of Allegiance & Lord’s Prayer