Best nope in classic Doctor Who (gif)

13 Moments It's OK To Nope

(gif) The Doctor has never noped harder.<< This is the greatest gif in all of existence. Nope, nope, not even on Gallifrey

Jon Pertwee from The Time Warrior. The 3rd incarnation of The Doctor. Doctor Who.

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Jon Pertwee from The Time Warrior episode of Doctor Who.

Classic Doctor Who

The Web Of Fear [gifset] - Well, when I was a little girl, I thought I'd like to be a scientist. So I became a scientist - Classic Doctor Who

...Doctor Who .. :)...

Susan's reaction to her Grandfather Doctor) destroying Daleks :).

❦ Fifty years ago today, on 20 September 1963, the first photographs of Doctor Who were taken… The shoot took place in London at BBC Television Centre and the event was significant for another reason: It was the first time the four stars of Doctor Who’s first season had ever met! Carole Ann Ford and William Hartnell played Susan and her grandfather, the Doctor.

The First Photos of

"Pilot" Photoshoot - Susan Foreman (Carole Ann Ford) and her grandfather, the Doctor (William Hartnell)

William Hartnell

I don't know, I just LOVE Doctor number One.a cranky fugitive who came to care about all his companions:)

18 ways Doctor Who can make you a better designer | Web design | Creative Bloq

18 ways Doctor Who can make you a better designer

Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor

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The Doctor and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Head of U.N.I.T

The Doctor and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Head of U. In eras when american tv had a lot of flat characters, or rounded characters with no story arc. Doctor Who had logical progressions as illustrated with the Brig here

....."Doctor Who .. :)...

Remembrance of the Daleks - conversations and directions do not mix while driving XD - Seventh Doctor and Ace; Classic Doctor Who

OHHH the connections there is always one in   an episode isn't there? i love it

The Name Of The Doctor & Castrovalva [gifset] - TARDIS dimension forces turning you giddy - Fifth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor, Clara Oswald; Doctor Who

Doctor Who << this makes me really sad

Having faith in friends is yet another important life lesson Doctor Who teaches us.