The Eager Teacher: Behavior Chit Chat (Class Dojo & Behavior Interventions). Also includes thoughts about the link between IEP mods that address behavior and Class DoJo.

Clip Chart

Learning in Wonderland: Create your own clip chart and watch your classroom behavior transform! Send home notes that praise good behavior!

Black and White with Pops of Color

Education to the Core: Classroom Reveal: Black and White with Pops of Color! FREE Behavior Chart: Education to the Core: Classroom Reveal: Black and White with Pops of Color!

Instead of a huge chart, students will be able to see behavior at their desks. This would be awesome for behavior plan that is less public for certain students. I don't use a clip chart in my grade class, but a few students would benefit from this!

encourage students to behave positively in the class and it also be beneficial to classroom management for teachers and students' healthy growing.

How to Help Kids Make Good Choices

Try out these classroom behavior management strategies on those little knuckleheads. Progressive discipline, using student planners, creating behavior contracts, more.

Individual Student Behavior Management

We all have that student who doesn’t respond to our Tier 1 classroom behavior management system. Classroom behavior charts you can start using tomorrow! Organize your behavior plan today! Allow students to get involved!

Primary Special Education - behavior chart A daily report on students behavior is a good tool to help parents understand what is going on at school also.

This is a good individual student behavior tracker that allows for accountability for their actions throughout each day. By circling yes I did complete this positive behaviors or admitting no I did not, will help them become better decision makers.

Creating a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)