Informations : TITRE ORIGINAL : Code:Breaker ANNÉE DE PRODUCTION : 2012 STUDIO : KIDS STATION GENRE : Action, Aventure, Combat, Comedie, D rame, Ecole, Super-pouvoirs, Surnaturel AUTEUR : Kamijyo Akimine TYPE ET DURÉE : 13 EPS 25 mins Synopsis : Œil pour...

Code: Breaker – Martial arts student Sakura witnesses people being burned alive…Took awhile to get going with the story but picked up significantly.

He was cold, ruthless, dark, and evil. I was sweet, kind, caring, and innocent. He and I had the same classes in college and I tried to be friendly. Then he said: "I hate you, I never want to see you again, leave."  Then I ran. And cried.

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Code Breaker .... i'd give it a 7 because I ended up watching it in one go... and I love the code breakers haha

One would think Code Breakers are some sort of hardass trained soldiers or highly trained international spies.

#5 Rui Hachiouji.  This is their Code:Breaker motto.

This is their Code:Breaker motto.