Another Commander Shepard quote, this time focusing on Jennifer Hale's performance as the female Shepard, or FemShep as she is often called. This line is from the "Suicide Mission" at the end of Mass Effect 2, as Shepard rallies the Normandy crew behind her to face The Collectors on their home territory. SO. GOOD! Video games! Woo!

I've become obsessed with the idea of a femshep/Dragon Age crossover, I've read a few crossover fics already, and it's a SERIOUSLY epic opportunity for Bioware . Well in my humble opinion anyways!

happy birthday Shep I miss u :( digital painting done in PS prints & things: RedBubble

marziiporn: happy birthday Shep I miss u :(digital painting done in PSprints & things: RedBubble(please do not remove caption)