I'm technically someone's fiancé, but my heart was taken by someone that I can't call mine. Ironic.

Top 40 Quotes about moving on

the complications of love.... reese's

I wish he wasn't so darn HOTT I've been trying to get over him for a couple weeks but every time I see him at school I melt I just wish he would talk to me

Sounds about right.

I'm trying to understand this new dynamic between us. It's not as simple as, "You either want me or you don't. I hate that. Keeping you in my life might kill me. But letting you go will. Dang this is my life with one special person.

the problem with you guys is that you give out signals even if you're uncertain with your feelings or if you're playing around. so please don't mess with our feelings because it is way too cluttered to add some more of your crap. so yeah, i guess I'll always be the queen of all the queens of getting my hopes up..

he's the king of mixed signals and she's the queen of getting her hopes My life right now. I need to learn to not get my hopes up so easily.