Composition Hierarchy For Painting, Photography and Drawing. Find out why your composition seems lacking. Features 7 tips and tricks.

The Composition Hierarchy (One other rule I try to live by is to preserve some white space of the paper, canvas, fabric, whatever, even if only a tiny area.

Three more ways to create interesting compositions in your paintings. A follow up post to the original one sharing examples of how an awareness of composition guidelines can considerably strengthen your paintings.

3 more ways to create interesting compositions in your paintings

If you want to make stronger paintings, look at your composition. Here are three more interesting compositions to play with.

Landscape Painting for Beginners: Free downloadable guide with tips on composition, painting trees, and city-scape painting via ArtistsNetwork (accessed Sept. 2014)

The Ultimate Guide to Landscape Painting Techniques

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Many years ago I bought the classic book "Rendering In Pen and Ink" by Arthur Guptill. Like most of the art books I buy, it seemed importa.

Image 1: light, foreground, lines, color, orientation, closed composition

Closed composition that has a clear border to it and a central focus, the pomegranates.