SURE Wins Competition with 'Endless City" Skyscraper

SURE Wins Competition with "Endless City" Skyscraper

Edificio MOP Rancagua / Iglesis Prat + Tau 3

Edificio MOP Rancagua / Iglesis Prat Arquitectos + Tau 3 Arquitectos

Criss-Crossing Joinery of 'Gardenhouse' with Ledges for Plants

A unique concept house by design studio Penda, Gardenhouse is composed of a complex system of criss-crossing timbers. The horizontal ledges are able to accommodate planters allowing the entire exterior of the structure to be used.

stacking concept of Vivanta hotel by WOW architects. Pinned from Arch Daily

Vivanta Hotel / WOW Architects

Inspo for stage rises massing concept diagram I assume illustrator and acad was used. I like this diagram because the was the layers are sequenced and the mass is displayed.

6 fundamental organization concepts: linear, axial, grid, central, radial, clustered

The grids of our cities need to begin to conform to the needs of people. Often cities organize based on economic efficiency. The city that is planned based on the user, and environmental factors that effect experience is the way of the future.