Tetris construction- they said you'd never use those skills! #tradies #memes

A little Temple Construction humor! Temple Construction is a company based in West Bloomfield If you have any upcoming projects you need worked on, please call

Tsk...tsk...Moral of the story?   Measure twice, cut once.                                                                                                                                                      More

These are real, non-photoshopped, top 40 funniest construction mistakes ever made by construction workers all over the world.

construction cartoons and humor | Construction Cartoon 5776: As chimps build an awful house a man says ...

Construction Cartoon As chimps build an awful house a man says .

When you realize the new guy may not be as experienced as he says!   | This pin brought to you by constructNET International, Inc. (cNI) provides online solutions to education and training challenges. www.constructnetonline.com

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It's mine.  Has my name on it.

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