High quality demonic contacts with intricate colors and custom designs. Available in prescription & non-corrective versions.

More than 40 million people in the United States use contact lenses. Correct handling and care of this type of eyewear is important to avoid complications.

Solotica Natural Colors Ocre Hazel Contacts Beautiful green light hazel color, these have no prescription and will come in the solotica case as shown. The best colored contact lenses Solotica Accessories

The Black Sclera contacts are our freakiest lenses! They are solid black contacts that covers your sclera, giving a full blackout illusion!

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Red Vampire contact lenses are crimson red theatrical contacts These red colored contacts will mask the natural color of your eyes

Circle lenses are special colored contacts with a dark outer ring designed to give the appearance of a larger iris. This helps eyes look wider and more awake. Shop over 500 styles of circle contact.