Jonathan Crane: #batman #batmandc #scarecrow #dccomics #dccomicsbatman #jhonesbas

Jonathan Crane: #batman #batmandc #scarecrow #dccomics #dccomicsbatman #jhonesbas

"When Washington is ashes, you will have my permission to vote."

Its a weird combination(Of a russian doll and a Day of the Dead skull) that actually worked.

The Scarecrow by David Finch                                                                                                                                                     Más

Batman has been captured by the Scarecrow, who wants the Dark Knight to be his guinea pig for the ultimate fear toxin. Plus, more revelations about the Scarecrow's past!

Batman vs. Bane

Gender-Bending Mega Man, Street Fighting Ladies And A Batman In Serious Trouble

Strangest image of Scarecrow's fear gas I have ever seen.

The Supernatural Fear Inducer trope as used in popular culture. It has often been said that fear is the best weapon. So this is an ability that induces fear …