6 Crazy Wedding Dresses

6 Crazy Wedding Dresses

Ugly Wedding Dresses You Won't Believe People Wore: Ursula - Don’t get me wrong, this is a great dress, that is, if you’re going for an Ursula Halloween costume. For a wedding?

6 Crazy Wedding Dresses | The Inspired Bride  THE OCTOPUS ONE THO. IT SHALL BE. MY WEDDING DRESS (not really BUT COME ON).

6 Crazy Wedding Dresses

Octopus Tentacles Imagine if Ursula, the Octopus sea witch from ‘The Little Mermaid’ and a ‘Hunger Games’ character had a baby. Well, it’d be this dress, for sure. If you don’t get that reference, “Release the Krackin!

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Two-piece wedding dresse <3    Not 100% crazy about this top, but in love with skirts with pockets!!

Mid-drift and pockets wedding dress

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Ugly Wedding Dresses - Crazy Designer Wedding Dresses - Cosmopolitan.  - love the make up

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