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Design - Qualy Block Stacking Collection Cans for Space-Tight Kitchens are a clever way to combine rubbish and recycling.

25 Beautifully #Designed Products: Here: Triangle #Journal by Turkish artist, Tan Mavitan, a MoMA exclusive. Limited edition, no longer available

Product/industrial design inspiration

The Triangle Notebook by Tan Mavitan. I made a triangle notebook the other day, but it wasn't nearly this snazzy looking

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25 Fantastic Package Designs

When you see clouds, think of soap! Or at least that's what I get from this effective and creative branding design for soap. The soap product itself is in the shape of a cloud and comes in various pastel colors. The package branding was made to reflect the product by incorporating simple cloud shape designs and using the same pastel colors as the soap. The package layout is consistent by placing the cloud, text, and logo in the same areas throughout the different designs.

Siren Cloud Soap (VELVET) Rose Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Litsea, Orange, Patchouli - Macadamia, Rice Milk and Pink Clay Soap


Charpin proposed designs for a candle holder and an incense holder. He utilized the heat & water resistant quality of silicone to create new product suitable for our daily lives.

astrobright tea packaging | creative product | ecommerce

astrobright tea packaging (Total Inspiration)

Geometric lines, a brilliant colour palette AND metallic foil? This tea packaging concept is flipping gorgeous. Designer Ken Lo created several packaging suites to explore the possiblity of astrobrights paper by Polytrade

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Interesing Creative Products And Ideas cool interesting technology products life hacks life hack tech (Tech Projects Life Hacks) (Tech Design Life)

Anyone know who designed this and where I can get one?

Product/Industrial Design Inspiration

Beautiful Braai- never saw myself saying I want a designer grill, but I really do now!

ABANE Succulent Visual Branding by Nevi Ayu Enviarni

ABANE Succulent Visual Branding

25 Beautifully Designed Products | From up North

Product/industrial design inspiration

Sweeper and dustpan by Jan Kochanski, I wish it was made from steel and not injection-molded plastic…

30 Fresh & Creative Product Packaging Designs Guerrilla Marketing Photo

30 Fresh & Creative Product Packaging Designs

These kitchen utensils are made from wood. It also gives me the vibe that they are a very green choice regarding kitchen utensils. Few words are written on the front of this packaging for this reason. Packaging can be worth a thousand words.

30 Fresh & Creative Product Packaging Designs -

30 Fresh & Creative Product Packaging Designs

nike air packaging Nike Air is arguably one of the most popular sneaker designs ever released. Not content with a regular old shoebox, Berlin based agency Scholz & Friends came up with a brand new, reimagined packaging design for their favourite trainers.