I love this. Think of the laughter and the heartaches these walls have heard

13 Dramatic Gothic Victorian Homes Part 2 Manoir-des-carpates Located in Mires Paris France, Is this abandoned beauty. It has been abandoned for some time now. It’s such a shame to see a home this beautiful, just left behind.

The 40 Most Breathtaking Abandoned Places In The World

The 40 Most Breathtaking Abandoned Places In The World

Real or not, this is my dream. One day I will own a creepy, beautiful house in the middle of the woods.

Northcraft House, Missouri ~ Photo by Rodney Harvey (note-this house IS haunted)

Northcraft House (by Rodney Harvey) n 1896 William and Eliza Northcraft owned this house. Before that William Young owned a log cabin here. “Bill” was hung in here from an overhead beam to a gate at.

Creepy house. How I would love to live in it!

Hof van N. Villa NI believe that this beautiful villa is only still standing because of the enormous ivy that's has grown over the whole house.

I can only imagine How Beautiful This was at One Time…The Worn Down Look has given IT *such an Enchanting Look* <3

love the look of this haunted mansion. I would have some bats flying over the moon and an owl in the tree.

Why would you just leave it?

This abandoned farm house looks a lot like the one in Grant Woods' American Gothic painting.

Abandoned house <--- this isn't abandoned. It's at Disneyland.

Photo (☀ the revolution takes us home)

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Tuesday night co-host challenge with WINNER! What an amazing beauty with so much life left in her! Someone save this wonder!