"Elle Apparel: crib bedding/bumper tutorial"--I've heard mixed things about whether you should even use a bumper in a crib, but just in case I do use one (and feel like customizing it) here's a great tutorial to keep in mind~

Crib Bedding 101 Elle Apparel Leanne Barlow with regard to sizing 1600 X 667 Baby Bed Bumper Measurements - Are you anticipating the appearance of your bra

DIY tutorial on how to sew this WAY ADORABLE baby bedding!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors!!!!

Baby Bumper tutorial Michael+Miller+Fabrics'+Citron-Gray+Nursery:+Crib+Bumpers+with+Jumbo+Piping

Andrew, Starrie, Jocelynn and Vivian: Crib Bumper Tutorial

I got all the measurements from THIS website. You can get your bumper tie measurements and crib skirt measurements from there as well.

This tutorial teaches how to make a 10" tall reversible crib bumper with binding on all 4 edges.

This tutorial teaches how to make a tall reversible crib bumper with binding on all 4 edges. Just need awesome jeep fabric and time!

DIY Crib Bumpers Tutorial

Well, I finally buckled down and made the crib bumper for Maisy. I put if off for far too long because I knew I was going to have to do some math. After searching several online tutorials, I gathe…

diy crib bumper-her little feet are getting caught in her crib rails! The bumper's cute and all, but I'm sewing myself some extra hours of uninturrupted sleep!

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