Floral cuff tattoo by Vlada Shevchenko

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Flower forearm tattoo - Awesome Forearm Tattoos Browse through over high quality unique tattoo designs from the world's best tattoo artists!

Heavy blackwork floral cuff tattoo by Tritoan Ly                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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1337tattoos: tattooist_doy | Draw me after You; Let us run! | Bloglovin’

1337tattoos: tattooist_doy (Draw me after You; Let us run!)

“Wrist cuff for T  #girlytomboy #hennacuff #lovemycuz!”

LOVE this mehndi wrist cuff, perfect for indian bridal mehndi, and a nice look even after the wedding (think honeymoon!), very modern mehndi design

Bracelet Tattoo Design by Antoine Gaumont

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