Paris Is Covered In Fake Ads That Mock the Climate Talks' Corporate Sponsors

Paris Is Covered In Fake Ads That Mock the Climate Talks' Corporate Sponsors

At one point, Nike allowed custom writing on their shoes, an artist had an idea, and in the request field online had words like “sweatshop” or “slavery”, and Nike.

"Adbusters regularly posts culture jams that "détourne" the message of ads to expose bad labor practices and the negative effects of certain products." This image shows that Coca-Cola, a company who tries to come off as family friendly, is nothing more than a capitalist corporation. culture jamming - Buscar con Google

one of my favourite examples of culture jamming: iconic, well-crafted and very true.


Ron English x Popaganda "Mini Billboard Release"

Breathe Mini Billboard by Ron English uses the well-known design of a cigarette package to catch attention. yet advertises for people to quit smoking and breathe healthy.

Culture Jamming

These images represent an anti-consumerism/anti-capitalism attitude. Culture jamming and subvertising take well-known product images .

To continue on the theme of consumerism that we’ve created on this board, this particular example takes an iconic image and jams it with the overall consumerism that consumes Americans.  Discussing Christmas and twisting what the real meaning of Christmas is especially in America.

I want YOU: To Spend a LOT. to prove you love your family. When did the real spirit of Christmas get lost

Right? Apple is one of the largest companies, with a loyal following worldwide. But when you get down to it, each of us are certainly overpaying for products that have simple upgrades or updates. Sometimes they may not even be noticeable! This is a great example of taking advantage of a brand that people will pay for. Photo found on pinterest

Yes, we know graffiti is a crime. But on occasion, it can be a pretty funny crime. Click through the gallery to see 30 people who made the most of their vandalism.

A German street artist does some culture jamming on ads to show that beauty isn’t just skin deep, it’s also made on computers.

Street Art Reminds Us What True Beauty Is: Photoshop

Book of the Day: Culture Jamming: Activism and the Art of Cultural Resistance — This volume is a must for modern day activists hoping to overturn the status quo. Read More:

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A culture jam courtesy of

Feminist Culture Jams On

Shows how so many advertisements use sexism to sell their products. Making fun of the ads by saying if the product was any good it wouldnt need sexism to sell it.