Cupcake Central custom cupcake packaging gift box

For orders of 6 and 12 cupcakes or 15 or 30 babycakes – we provide your cupcakes in our custom sleek cupcake packaging that is perfect as a gift!

I'm not really a cupcake fan but these boxes are lovely.

Picnic styled box to wrap any kind of gift. Surprise everyone with this very original gift box.

clear cupcake boxes  #cupcake-boxes

I like this because I think the designs of the cake boxes really fit with the patisserie style im going for, the basic shape of the see through box could be changed a bit so it could look fancier, also the cake cases are really decorative which I like.

Assortiment de cupcakes colorés. Merci à nos artisans pâtissiers de nous ravir les yeux et les papilles. L'Atelier

Les Bébés Cupcakery le temple du cupcakes

The Adorable House-Shaped Cupcake Shop: Les Bébés Cupcakery--I'm becoming increasingly obsessed with slide boxes.

Bakery Packaging Series: Lulus Urban Cupcakery

Lulu-s Urban Cupcakery Branding - The technique of using pinstripes on food packaging rarely ceases to incite a craving and Lulu's Urban Cupcakery branding would leave no one w.