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30 Cute Short Haircuts for Asian Girls 2018 - Chic Short Asian Hairstyles for Women

Being an adult is tough and there’s no unsubscribe link. Luckily, you can go back in time with these adorable photos by Japanese photographer Kotori Kawashima.  He followed his friend’s 4-year-old daughter from a rural Japanese village to Paris, while she was discovering the world.

The Cutest 4-Year-Old In Japan And Her Adorable Adventures

I don't remember being a cute kid, but photographer Kotori Kawashima had set his sights (and camera) on one.

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I hate how people are judged on how they dress and what they listen to. Especially "goth or emo" people. You putting a stereotype on the world.

Aw, she giggles! A varying hem-line on the skirt adds mori quirkiness to the outfit.

morigirlserenity: forestfairytales: Coordinate por Nashare Look at how cute that smile is though.

[ FC:: random japanese fashion pictures idk ] "Hallo, I'm Mirai-Hana. I'm caste five from Yukon, and I'm a clothes designer. I'm from a village in New Asia- that was attacked by bombers and I lost everything. I moved to Yukon to escape the warfare.

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RT @RISA_DOLL: 撮影終了♡コレクションテーマに合わせた、太アイラインなメイクでした http://flip.it/pCGNu

RT @RISA_DOLL: 撮影終了♡コレクションテーマに合わせた、太アイラインなメイクでした http://flip.it/pCGNu