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♥♥♥ Coffee art ~ ღ Skuwandi ~ Coffee time Picture sci-fi, cyborg, robot, girl, woman)

"Reina- Prosthetics Studies" by Tekka-Croe. Looks like this chick would fit right at home in a Deus Ex or Cyberpunk game. // DeviantART

Cyberpunk, Future, Cyborg, Futuristic, Reina- Prosthetics Studies by ~Tekka-Croe on deviantART (Sanyu)

Cyborg love

Augmented human girl or android? "by Derbyblue on flicker" Hashtags: The

Anthropomorphic synthshells like this one often have a near-human AI, and are used when close human interaction is required. (№5, Evgeniy Shatrow on ArtStation at

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Love this image! Very similar to how I envision Wynter's experience at the DSD…                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

To be used autonomously, or under the guidance of a skilled technician, the autosurgeon revolutionized the way all surgeries were performed. 2029 a.

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35 Realistic Android Cyborg Girls Photo manipulations

Beautiful Digital Photo manipulation Art by ibitiura – Photoshop Website – Tutorials,Brushes & more.


ArtStation - Cyborg Bust, RORY BJÖRKMAN

and we can take action with mental telepathy and think what we would do with another.would there be no accidents - no fatal injuries ever?