Reminds me of 3 outside that shirt.

Put me to sleep evil angel, open your wings evil angel, fly over me evil angel. Why can't I breathe, evil angel?

Female Dark Angel | not afraid to take a stand everybody come take my hand we ll walk ...

I’m not afraid

Only in the Moonlight is their true form revealed...

I wake in the shell of a crumbling building that I have been calling home for the last few weeks. It may have been a church once, maybe an armory. Anything that would have made this more clear has been long stripped from the cavernous space.

angel demon | ... and Demon Roleplay: Angels and Demons Charries (showing 1-27 of 27

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Black Angel for fans of Magical Creatures images.

Idaci San il vampiro diurno Creatura fortissima livello 8(pv. 135. Att 0 def 22) Effetti: Se questo mostro combatte contro il vampiro infligge il doppio dei danni. (1-5) volare: l avversario attacca solo con numeri pari; (10-15) alleato del sole:tira nuovamente il dado e somma (non applica ulteriori effetti)  (20) domare la sete: rigenera 25 pv e 15 def. E infliggi danni in questo turno

During the Eternity Wars, some of the angels were transformed into stone guardians scattered across the battlefield. They have waited long, seemingly in vain.They need not wait for much longer.

Dark Angel Wings Ring with Black Onyx

Dark Angel Wings Ring with Black Onyx

Yea I was actually 'picturing' my sorta' kind of HOT MAGNIFICENT Dark Angel like him.....OH YES....he can be :D ;) <3

Demons with black wings are descendents of angels who were kicked out of heaven