Megu-nee! ;-; a spoiler if u havent watch the anime or read the manga

Wall Scroll Poster Fabric Painting For Anime School Live Sakura Megumi 023

Love me or you die!!

Im drowning because your ghost still haunts my mind,body, and soul.

"Though my soul be blacker than Midnight, I shall do what I must to serve my king." IDK yet when Naoto says this, but it's where his name as an assassin (Midnight) comes from Dark Anime Boy

MidKnight is a shadow demon. He's the youngest out of all abd knows everything about shadow demons. He's a huge pervert, so keep a eye on him.

(Open RP) (I'm the guy in the pic) I kneel down in front of my canvas again, locked in this prison with its gray walls and boring furniture. They call me "psycho", and I think they're right. I can't stop smiling. Even when they torture me.... My mind is running on madness. In only a moment I lose it again and paint all over the walls, Death, it says. The voices in my head are running ramped when someone walks in the metal door. (Credit to @TheRightfulKing )

(Open Rp) wjy am I like this. Everyday stuck in darkness, any bit of bright light burning my body, she was my only bit of joy.

Forest Of Drizzling Rain Fanart Shiori and Suga

Forest Of Drizzling Rain Fanart Shiori and Suga( meu amigo estava chorando enquanto matava a mulher q eu amava)

Axe Crazed Annie | Creepypasta OC Age: 16  DOB: March 21st Name: Annie Darling

Mayu is definitely one of my favorite Vocaloids because she's a Yandere


I feel like this sort of outfit would just get in the way.<<<Well, that's kind of the idea.