Dark Lord by Mac-tire

Random Fantasy/RPG artwork I find interesting,(*NOT MINE) from Tolkien to D&D.

Artist: Choi Won Chun aka Doo - Title: Legend of the Cryptids - Card: Edeltraud the Lone King

Mephistroth the Demon Lord of Sin. He is the Archnemisis of Dracula and the Only demon Lord who does not wish for the destruction of mortal kind.

Melkor by anastasiyacemetery on DeviantArt

Melkor, in the new guise of Morgoth: the Dark Lord. Having been released by Mandos from his halls on account of his seeming repentance, it is not long before echoes of the first discord are once more felt resounding in Arda.

Tribute Art, part of Hero Complex Gallery's "Imagined Worlds" show.

superiorityproject The Dark Lord - Created by Marko Manev Part of Hero Complex Gallery’s Imagined Worlds Art Show. Prints available here.

CYOA Dark Lord

Specialization: Might (Formidible/Intimidation/Runic Armour/Weapon Master), also picked up Destruction and Demon Magic, plus Charisma. Using the army of the Men

Dark Warlord

Tazad, one of the nine Lords of the Undying, is a warlord of the Black Sands of Aracin. His might on the battlefield is feared by all.