To my current husband....  I want to always make him happy, be his strength and encouragement.

To My Future Husband on

I'm Going On An Adventure: True Love Waits.

Dear future husband, I am fairly patient, BUT in certain things I am way too eager for I tend to hate waiting!

Dear future husband... Everything but the part about making sure my nails are done; I'm bit that high maintenance.

Everything but the part about making sure my nails are done; I'm bit that high maintenance. *I close my eyes & smile reading this. It's time for Fajr salah dear.

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a letter to my future lover (I thought about this when I was younger then found you. Happily married for 32 years!

Dear Future Husband. <3 lol

It's more like - I will make you breakfast. I will do the laundry. I will always kiss you good night and good morning. You will - Coming running when I scream to kill a spider Take the dogs out after dark Hug me when I least deserve it

So thankful for the numerous Design by Lulu readers and followers who are incredibly encouraging and motivating. Today's post has been a long time coming, but here it is: an updated bookmark with 1...

Project: Thankful // Day 10

This 10 Ways to Pray for Your Husband bookmark is a reminder to pray for my husband daily. It's important to be specific & pray God's own words over him.

Couldn't describe him much better than this.... I'm in awe....Marry a man who loves Jesus.♥

Dear Future, You remain a mystery, but I intend to marry a man who loves God.

We kissed on the couch while watching a movie in his parents basement. He asked if I wanted to go further and I froze at the question. How much further? Should I be cool and roll with it? Should I say no? Questions raced through my mind and in a panic, I excused myself to the bathroom before I could answer. After an awkward conversation, I drove home feeling like a super uncool loser who just lost the cool guy’s interest. I felt like the only girl in high school who couldn’t keep a guy’s…

Dear Future Husband…

When she was in middle school, she started writing letters to a man she had never met yet. On their wedding day, he received a box of those letters.