Fans de manga et de jeux vidéo, vous allez adorer cet artiste ! Il arrive que certains artistes nous laissent bouche bée. C’est notamment le cas de Ceasar Ian Muyuela, surnommé Wizyakuza, un Philippin âgé de 30 ans. Cet artiste s’amuse à effectuer des cross-overs, mélangeant les univers de mangas, de films et de jeux vidéo, et à dessiner les évolutions de personnages. Le résultat est à couper le souffle. On vous laisse juger par vous-même ! Évolutions : Crossovers:

L and Light Yagami Split Death Note 11 x 17 Digital by Wizyakuza

“Flowery Death Note 540x960px wallpapers // requested by anon Free to use / Do not claim as your own ”

“Flowery Death Note wallpapers // re quested by anon Free to use / Do not claim as your own ”

Death note.. I still like to geek out with some manga and anime every once in a while...okay... so I watch the black butler and d grey man...and full metal alchemist... every day........

Le death note notebook (copywriting doesn't apply to pintrest because of everyone is constantly passing pictures along)

Light Yagami - Death note

that fucking clever bastard. i can't hate him dammit. And I'm totally not taking after him after buying a death note myself.

L was not the Villain... He did not deserve Death. He is my cute lil weirdo T~T

This is maybe one of my favorite pictures of L. He just fades into the background like he did in his own persona of L.

"Death Note" (My rating: 6) High schooler becomes serial killer who kills criminals and then goes insane. And there's a Shinigami who likes apples for some reason. (Maturity Rating: 17+)

Death Note - Manga / Anime TV Show Poster / Print (Character Collage) (Size: x Manga / Anime Poster Character Collage Size: x Ships rolled in sturdy cardboard tube