We did all our surgeries with long acting Marcaine. It kept the patient comfortable until they took pain meds and got home.

Very handy chart showing names, locations and time-to-expect permanent teeth for your child or tween. Blessed Smile Dentistry of Yorba Linda

I would like to be a dentist or an orthodontist, depending on how long I would want to go attend graduate school.

It's important to teach kids at an early age all about cavities and cavity prevention. Check out our tips on how to explain cavities to your kids!

Crowns: The Kings Of Restorative Dentistry [Infographic]

Crowns: The Kings Of Restorative Dentistry Infographic from an Indianapolis dentist.

Adding plant life to your home or garden can make a huge difference in the look and feel. Not only do plants look lovely and lush, but they actually serve to cl

Dental Decal hygienist assistant Decal tooth by ArtisticallySo Low Income Dental Insurance