THIS is what's important: Derek Theler

Introducing Derek Theler, Your New Favorite Actor

Derek Theler from baby daddy bet show EVER if u don't watch it ur missing out

Derek Theler shirtless in sweatpants. You are the reason I watch Baby Daddy

Not only is he hot and tall....but he is also smart and has some ginger in him!!!  Love Derek Theler!

Derek Theler Picture 6 - Annual Dog and Baby Buffet Mother's Day Event - Day 2

Uhhhh. Will Taylor AFTER the rain scene with Sarah in Rising Shadows? Derek Theler will make a fiiiiine Will.

Derek Theler (born October is an American film and television actor and model.

Derek Theler para BELLO Magazine Enero 2015

Derek Theler para BELLO Magazine Enero 2015

Full Sized Photo of derek theler can win any wet t shirt contest 04

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My buddy and Baby Daddy crush. I think my crush has passed but I used to love him 😂 Who could blame me though?