CoCo Chanel inspired dessert table party.  A girl should be two things, classy & fabulous!


。:°ஐ*。:°ʚ♥yumixɞ♥*。:°ஐ* Party Inspirations: Coco Chanel inspired party As Sweet As It Gets

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hahahahhaa "Stressed spelled backwards is desserts"

wall quotes wall decals - "Stressed spelled backwards is desserts"

Fun for my dessert recipe book (except with "we are awfully sweet") with our wedding cake photo on the front cover.

if we are what we eat. well, I am awfully sweet ;-) Wow I am extra sweet then!

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save some space foe dessert ! This is the most used quote in every home and in every party because why not ? Without desserts , food is like cake without the cherry , flowers without fragrance , fo…

Get the recipe for Edward Lee's delicious Ginger Cake with Bourbon Frosting:

Bourbon Recipes from Chef Edward Lee

Anything is good if it's made of chocolate." TRUTH. #foodquote #quote #wordsofwisdom #quotes

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