Dexter Infograph -- Im only on season 6 so im very thankful you have to 'expand the pin' to see the whole thing so just a warning SPOILER ALERT

Dexter Dead Count Season by Season (Spoiler if you haven't seen the show)

Must See Shows. They forgot to add to this list: Prison Break, True Blood, Teen Wolf, Sherlock Holmes and Suits!

25 TV Shows You Have To Watch From The Beginning

Dexter: Michael Carlyle Hall plays Dexter Morgan and Jennifer Carpenter plays TV sister, Debra Morgan.

Dexter -- Mazuka, Angel, Dexter, Deb, his father, quinn

12 Exclusive "Dexter" Secrets From The Show's Executive Producer

dexter - from left to right (Vince Masuka, Angel Batista, Dexter Morgan, Debra Morgan, Harrison Morgan and Joey Quinn

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The Ice Truck Killer; Season Rudy Cooper/Brian Moser/Dexter's Brother The Bay Harbor Butcher; Season Dexter Morgan/James Doakes The Trinity Killer; Season Arthur Mitchell The Doomsday Killer;

Dexter and Deb Morgan (Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter)

'Dexter': Season 8 pics!

Dexter - Season 8 - EW Magazine Cast Photos - Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C.

Dexter hahah just watched this one today!!

Dexter hahah just watched this one today!<< Debra's got the best brows