Elsa...in one of those magical Disney moments that gives you chills.

Which Disney Philosophy Do You Live By?

in one of those magical Disney moments that gives you chills. Bc she's an ice queen.

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Disney Frozen: Olaf's Quest Review

Olaf from Frozen, the new animated feature from Walt Disney Animation Studios (in theaters November

Elsa's new dress. - I like it a lot more than the original actually

Frozen Queen Elsa Snowden's blue nighttime wedding dress from the "Frozen Queens" - I like it a lot more.

Disney Frozen Elsa

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/Frozen (Disney)/#1670545 - Zerochan | Disney's Frozen | Walt Disney Animation Studios

Anime picture frozen (disney) disney elsa (frozen) anna (frozen) ask (askzy) long hair tall image blonde hair multiple girls braid (braids) aqua eyes orange hair twin braids holding hands lipstick snow face to face girl dress hair ornament 327624 en

Frozen... Yup obsessed!!!!

Which Elsa From Frozen Are You Most Like?

Frozen, great Disney movie for the family! "Only An act of true love can thaw a frozen heart.

Disney Frozen shirt design - possibly cropped around upper body and faces instead of full length. @mom2bailey

Disney Frozen Elsa and Anna Standup - 6' Tall

I'm telling you, the dresses are getting better every Frozen film!!! XD

The new Frozen trailer was shown before Cars 3 but it had slightly different lyrics! Im freaking out cus i can't remember!


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FROZEN: Elsa and Her Ice Palace

FROZEN: Elsa and Her Ice Palace

Anonymous said: What did you mean when you said Elsa’s chandelier looks like Elsa’s snowflake. What snowflake? Answer: There is a certain snowflake in Frozen that appears more often than others.

I think that this is so pretty. I now want to have one of each princess/queen - (Elsa) in my house.

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