How to make a doll stand by *ReflectionsByIce on deviantART

This is a quick tutorial on how I make my own custom fashion doll stands. Original tutorial is located on my site [link] How to make a doll stand

DIY Fairy Wings by Emilie Lefler- YouTube-video 9:54min-This DIY fairy wing tutorial has been requested by many of you. I hope that you enjoy learning how to make fairy wings. FAIRY WING PATTERN -

This DIY fairy wings tutorial has been one of the most requested videos. I hope that these DIY fairy wings were what you were looking for.

Snow Fairy Doll Tutorial | How To Make A Fairy Doll DIY - Emillie Lefler-YouTube-Video 7:45 min These fairy dolls take a bit of time to make. When you first start making flower fairy dolls it may be a bit discouraging to get the doll to look just how you like it. Just remember that practice makes perfect. Once you've made a couple of the flower fairy dolls you'll see that you can get very creative. There are all sorts of variations of dolls. No flower fairy doll is just like another.

This DIY sunflower fairy doll tutorial is a great way to learn how to make a fairy doll. These are also called peg dolls or flower fairy dolls.

▶ How to Make a Doll Stand for Mini dolls, 10-12 inch and 18 inch Dolls - YouTube

For everything doll crafty, creative, artsy and a fabulous doll show, check us out :o) Want a Fabulous My Froggy Stuff Tee-Shirt? Click this link and have fu.

This DIY tutorial on how to make mermaid fairy dolls will walk you step by step through how to make this cute little mermaid fairy doll. I have to say right ...

This DIY angel fairy doll tutorial will teach you how to make an angel fairy doll out of some simple supplies. This fairy doll takes a little bit more time t.

Like I said on THIS daughter recently got a My generation doll for Christmas. Entered us into this whole new world of DOll EVERYTHING!!! So many fun things we can make (versus spending $100 on buying your own!) I’m pretty sure that some of these dolls live a better life than me!!! Anyways…here are …

American Girl doll diy clothes and accessorizes that you can DIY

Free DIY How to make a hammock for dolls. Video step by step tutorial. -- I can just see a Rock Head relaxing in this.

diy miniature lamp: similar item at:

Dollhouse Lamp DIY

DIY // How to make a miniature lamp with another method of supporting the lampshade // dollhouse // Source: Warm Hot Chocolate

Master Class: Stand for dolls - Natalia Demidova

Master Class: Stand for dolls - Natalia Demidova - in Russian but you can get the gist from photos

Hi, I'm Lena aka Pipes. Welcome to my little peaceful crafting galaxy! I am a LPS (Littlest Pet Shop), Monster High doll crafter and also AG…

Doll iPhone & iPad

DIY miniature iphone for a doll. Design your own phone case. The key to this craft is the clear mounting tape, which creates the realistic look of the phone.