Christian Louboutin Your Nails! If you can't afford the shoes why not paint them on your fingernails!?

How-To: Christian Louboutin-Inspired Nails

"How-To: Christian Louboutin-Inspired Nails" by Cinya Burton on Beautylish; "Can't afford a pair of your own Louboutin pumps? Mimic the fierce style on your fingertips! Learn how to give your manicure a high-fashion makeover in three easy steps.

DIY LOUBOUTIN NAILS - Sexy Valentine's Day Nails - Coffin Nails Tutorial | Kimbyrleigha - YouTube

DIY Louboutin Nails - I show you how to create Louboutin nails for everyday or a special occasion! You only need a few items and your creat.

Tutorial: Double Sided christian louboutin Manicure. Place tape on the skin behind your nail and paint the inside of your nail red, then paint the top of your nails black. Don't forget to paint the tips of your nail! These are just fabulous

Double Sided Mani and Other Incredible Nail Art In Minutes. Did the double sided mani years ago.

Louboutin nails....Since we don't have the shoes, this is the next best thing :) @Kelly Teske Goldsworthy Teske Goldsworthy Teske Goldsworthy Grabowski-Wisniewski

Tutorial of a bunch of simple nail art designs by evilstrawberrycookie from DeviantArt - Big Strawberry, Christmas Tree, Cherries (Cherry), Fish Scales, m, Romantik Rose, Small Strawberry (strawberries), Simple Flower, Minimalistic Firework

Christian Loubotin nails--look at the red underneath, just like the soles of the shoes are red!

sleek stiletto-inspired nails

Sleek Stiletto-Inspired Nails

Louboutin Nails - so clever.. I may have to do this one of these days :-D #nails #louboutin

Not shoes, but shoe inspired! How to: Christian Louboutin-Inspired Nails - Perfect to go with my black Louboutin shoes :)

Louboutin Nails! this is possibly *the only* way i've seen multicolored nails look classy (well maybe except french manicures, which really just look like very clean trim nails.

This can be perfect combination for your nails if you have Louboutin shoes to match with your nails that will be more perfect. maybe it is not easy to do it yourself Louboutin shoes but for that reason is easy to make Louboutin nails by yourself.

Sexy nails to the sexiest shoes

Easy Nail Tutorials for Everyday

Mayhem: Christian Louboutin Inspired Nails My nails will never be long enough to do this, but I hope someone else tries this out.

Christian Louboutin Nail Colour The Nudes

Christian Louboutin Beaute Nail Colour Collection for Fall 2014