I've seen this photo many times before, and I've always said, "cool photo of Draco contemplating life over a fire whiskey" or "nice Tom Felton jack Daniels ad" but now I'm like, "it's Erich Blunt! He's totally the killer."

21 Totally Crush-Worthy Literary Characters

Omfg!!just read the article no offense but to me its more like a comedy show and the comment section is just hilarious!!

Is This Love? (Draco Malfoy x Reader) COMPLETED - Chapter Twenty Six

(Draco Malfoy x Reader) COMPLETED:Chapter Twenty Six - When you first go to Hogwarts, you're the only Sly.

In the end, he was the boy who was too lost to admit he was scared. A coward? Maybe. Not all of us can be heroes. Some of us are just human.

21 Life-Changing Lessons You Learned From "Harry Potter"

" Draco asked. "You wish," Harry answered. This makes me so sad. Poor Draco is just a boy and has had so much already done to him. He is lost and scared and has nowhere to go.

Draco Malfoy- the boy who had no choice

I felt sorry for Malfoy. I mean the guy was brought up to hate and be on the dark side but he knew that it wasn't right. His mom was the same. I hope his heart finally found peace with the struggle