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Creative Love Pictures With Touching Hearts Quotes And Sayings For Drama Queen

Today's Blog Post: Newsflash: Your Drama is Toxic is a little in your face but trust me you NEED to read this to save your marriage!

Military Life Newsflash: Your Drama is Toxic

Today's Post: Newsflash: Your Drama is Toxic! Oh is this a little in your face! Trust me you NEED to read this to save your everything in your LIFE!

Drama Queens. The funny thing is that they started the whole problem to begin with, yet later they cannot deal with the consequences... they didn't think that I would stand up for what is right and fair. Oh, the irony!

Drama Queens bitch and whine to get their own way and when someone does not give them their way they throw a fit on Fb and play the victim card to friends and family.

Some people create their own storms... (and I can't hand her an umbrella without her hitting me with it.)

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Inspirational Quotes: Some people create their own storms then get upset when it rains. Top Inspirational Quotes Quote Description Some people create their own storms then get upset when it rains.

I'm slamming it shut!                                                                                                                                                     More

I run away from DRaMA! It brings u down and u notice little things in your own life that make u wanna cause drama . surround yourself with positive people.with ur same goals and way of thinking! I hate drama

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A real woman avoids drama, she knows her time is precious and she's not wasting it on unimportant things. The best collection of quotes and sayings for every situation in life.

Lol you had to have know that telling him his granny was moving bc of me wouldn't get very far hahaha nice try. Just made you look stupid and he sees you as the liar you are!

When people love to complicate things when they shouldn't be that way. Some people claim they aren't dramatic but the way they react and act instigates drama or creates drama. Just be the better person.

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Rottenecards - My prediction: The Drama Queen will make a fool of herself again, then post a ton of self pity attention seeking quotes and try to blame you for the mess she is in. Honey, time to let go.