At my school, if girls have holes in their pants, even just a little one, they have to gi home and change. And they can't wear big shirts that fall off their shoulders. But BOYS can, they can have holey pants, wear oversized shirts. Ta heck.

It's one thing to walk into school naked, but that's never what people get sent home for-- it's always the shoulders.

High Schooler Is #SorryNotSorry After Getting In Trouble For Wearing Leggings To School

High Schooler Is #SorryNotSorry For Wearing Leggings To School

The dress codes in America seems ridiculous. Dress codes in general seems ridiculous. If the way a girl dresses makes it hard for guys to keep it in their pants, send them to a therapist

My sisters school Ebel let's boys wear tank tops, but harasses girls about the length of their shorts when it's over 100 degrees out.

Yes! Dress codes, especially school dress codes, always unfairly target girls and women, this is brilliant.

Students find a loophole…

This should be a senior prank!<---- my brothers senior prank (not his idea.) was that all the seniors broke dress code on the same day, so the front office was completely backed up.<< That's awesome

A Message To Teenage Girls About Summer Dress Codes | Role Reboot

So true and men can go around with their pants hanging so low we see their ass cracks. Double standard b.

If we don't question how boys dress, why do we question girls and objectify them by how they dress?

Teen Girl Accuses Her School Of Slut Shaming After Being Sent Home Because Her Jorts Were Too Short << dress codes disgust me so much

Most of our dress coded are stupid. But this is my same reaction.

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We would always make fun of this dress code rule at my school like, "Dat shoulder though." Walsh Welch Schoenfeld W did y'all have a dress code for co-op?

The ridiculously stupid logic of dress codes. | 17 Times Feminists Completely Smashed The Patriarchy

The ridiculously stupid logic of dress codes.

The ridiculously stupid logic of dress codes. 17 Times Feminists Completely Smashed The Patriarchy

Shaming Girls For Their Bodies vs Teaching Men Responsibility. You dont have to be a rocket scientist to figure out which option is the correct one. God it pisses me off when people don't fucking understand this and teach it.

Misogynistic Dress Codes

Dress codes are stupid but honestly a bra is underwear. If a boy had his pants sagging and you can see his boxers, he would get dress coded. If a girl was wearing a top where you can very visibly see her bra straps, it would be the same way. Schools are u

I was suspended in high school for showing spaghetti straps on a dress without a cardigan

The bullshit double standard of dress codes.