Drivable Grass and Plantable Wall Offering Eco Friendly Products for Green Yard Landscaping

Drivable grass ~ create a "green" driveway using porous concrete grids that are planted with a ground cover between the cement ‘pavers’. A creative & environmentally friendly storm water management solution. You can mow your driveway :)

Although the upfront costs for a brick driveway can be significantly higher than an asphalt or concrete drive, many homeowners find the aesthetics and increase in value of the home from the addition of a brick driveway to be well worth the investment.

Grass Driveways with Permeable Pavers

Contemporary Design Permeable Paving Beauteous Grass Driveways With Permeable Pavers

10 Popular Driveway Options to Welcome You Home

Like the curve. Where would your walkway lead you? This beautiful walkway was installed using Cambridge Pavingstones with ArmorTec.

Stunning Dramatic Driveway - Soft, green grass grows between stones, reducing heat and glare. Fully functional and also beautiful, it creates a grand approach.

Hexagon Pavers in a dark color blend. Made out of recycled stone. www.EcoGraniteGroup.com

Hexagon Pavers spaced out with creeping thyme in between to create seating area in back of the yard