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Tama Stewart Copeland Signature Drum Set -- And I thought I had a lot of stands in my kit!

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Pearl Drum Sets - I learned how to play on Pearl drums but nothing as nice as this set. The "band" I played with did mostly Black Sabbath and Iron maiden covers

How nice is this kit!

Love these Emperor ebony drum heads! These are the blacked out Versace DW drums that Eric Hernandez used at the Super Bowl halftime show.

Used to have a drum set like this. Miss playing a lot actually<3

Pearl Master Premium Legend Arctic White Drum Kit Ratings), Type: Shell set · Configuration: Fusion kit · Bass Drum: x No Mount · Tom

Gretsch's 57 Chevy Drum set in Turquoise.  - Wow, if I was still playing professionally, I'd be so all over these!!

Special Offers Available Click Image Above: Gretsch Drums Renown 57 Shell Pack With Throne Motor City Blue