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Long Chain Earrings Sterling Silver Threader Earrings Delicate Chain Stick Earrings Minimalist Edgy Jewelry Hand Made Gift USD) by lunaijewelry

Double Chain Cuff Earring by Olive Yew. Double gold chain earring cuff with cupped circle stud earring. This thick gold filled cuff is 1/4 inch wide and is to be worn on the helix area of the ear.

Ear Cuff with double chain by Olive Yew. Step up your style with this double gold chain cuff earring with cupped circle stud. Attached to the cuff is a sparkling double gold chain that meets a dainty cupped nugget post.

Filigree Ear Cuff to Double Chain to Post. $30.00, via Etsy.

I had never heard of ear cuffs until about a week ago. The concept is simple, a metal cuff that adorns the outside of the ear without a piercing. Cuffs range from plain wire like the one I will be …

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❤ Listing for one pair Elegant long chain ear jacket earrings. Long chain jacket measure 11 mm x 53 mm , little stone in the front measure mm x mm, polished gold plated. Light in weight, fun to wear!