Easy Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume: Skeleton

13 Easy Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

DIY Black Swan Halloween Costume  25 more easy DIY costumes at ColorMeCourtney.com   #halloween #costume

Halloween is just around the corner, so today I’m sharing 10 easy DIY costumes based on 5 leading ladies. First up, the dame who snoozes in style and dines with diamonds, …

Rosie the Riveter Halloween costume

The Easiest DIY Halloween Costumes For Fashion Girls

It seems like the months go by faster and faster… and before you know it, it’s October 30. And you know what that means: Halloween is only a day away—and you don’t have anything to wear. Sure, you might have planned to go as a pineapple, an astronaut, or even just a witch. But as the days passed, you just never got around to getting to the costume store to buy that ensemble. It happens to the best of us, which is why our editors have anticipated your dilemma and come up with some…

22 Simple, Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

If your go-to costume (year after year…after year) is a black cat, give it a quick—and still effortless—upgrade this time around. Spell out “copy” with adhesive alphabet stickers and place them on a w (Minutes Costumes)

Funny Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

40 Unique And Funny Pop Culture Halloween Costumes On A Budget

halloween- trunk or treat, scooby doo theme Not thinking of dressing up as Velma myself, she just looks too darn adorable and awesome!

Cowgirl | 13 Easy Halloween Costumes That Are Cool And Office-Approved

13 Easy Halloween Costumes That Are Cool And Office-Approved

3 Halloween costumes made from things you probably already have and/or can wear again / Pirate, Cowgirl, Holly Golightly

Have a costume idea, but don't know how to drive it home? Add a wind up key and call yourself a doll. Bonus points if you "shut down" every so often until someone rewinds you

How to Create a Wind Up Key for a Costume

Doll up for Halloween this year with a simple DIY add on to a cute baby doll dress and voila! This wind-up key costume is so easy to make! All you need is some cardboard, paper towel tube and metallic paint.

This ice cream cone costume is the cutest thing ever.

40 Work-Appropriate Halloween Costumes