electronics lab | Here is a quick floorplan of the new lab room. Many of the photos ...

Want to eventually get a work station for Bill's electronic needs :) would be cool to have the computer screen on a mount to be able to angle it

Everyone that owns a 3d printer has his vices. We print out those random things we find online and we print a lot of them. For some, it's little figures like the Marvin or MakerBot. For others Props of all shapes and sizes. For me, it's workbench tools. I just can't get enough of them. I don't think I can print something better than I can buy but in some cases, I have found things to print that fit my needs better than something I could buy. In most cases, though I just print them because…

7 3D Printable Tools worth adding to your Workbench.

Since years  I am thinking about to build a portable workbench containing all the essential things for small electronic projects. Further more all my tools and little helpers collected over the years needed a new home.  But I was not willing to spend to much time in building a special enclosure/case from scratch. Before Christmas I tidied up my workspace and found two old wooden IKEA boxes with drawers, so i decided to give them a new life.

A portable workbench with all things you need for your electronic projects: solder station, tools, Multimeter, Power supply.