So many of Elloit Erwitt's photos look like "a luck shot," but when you see the body of his work, you realize that luck had little to do with it.

Smiling at Life - Elliott Erwitt (8 pics)

"New York City, 2000 Two Bulldogs" by Elliott Erwitt is available for sale on HL Photo Gallery. Discover unique dog photography in our gallery.

'Dog' New York City, 1946 | Photograph by Elliott Erwitt dog is pretty cute...but those shoes! want them.

40 Precious Dog Photos From The '40s

A finales de los años 40, un parisino de familia rusa se volvió popular por la manera tan peculiar de congelar instantes y volverlos una obra de arte. Fotógrafo de corazón, artista por convicción, así es Elliott Erwitt.

Elliott Erwitt: revelando las emociones humanas

One happy puppy!  The photogragher has a whole book or three of nothing but dogs captured in mid-air!  #Dogs #Jumping #Photograghy

Dogs In Flight: An Elliott Erwitt Homage

Elliot Erwitt, Buzios, Brasil.

Available for sale from Magnum Photos, Elliott Erwitt, Buzios, BRAZIL.

Elliott Erwitt, USA. North Carolina. 1950. Makes me sad, makes me angry.  Makes me soooo grateful I didn't see this ugliness.

Erwitt's Personal Best

Viewing 6 of 12 Segregated Water Fountains by Elliott Erwitt This photograph was taken by Elliot Erwitt in 1950 in North Carolina, USA, and.

Elliot Erwitt - Rome, Italy, 1955 | Catherine Couturier Gallery - Houston, Texas

1955 - by ELLIOTT ERWITT Born on July 1928 in Paris, Elliott Erwitt spent his childhood in Milan. His interest in photography began while he was a teenager living in Hollywood. Elliott Erwitt was invited to join Magnum Photos in 1953 and