gloves series - ellen greene ['… traditional american tattoo is a symbol of masculine adventure, rebellion and sexual exploits. at the same time gloves were a staple of “good” american women, tattoos were only for sailors bikers and criminals. no proper woman also had tattoos – especially not on her hands'

ellen greene - vintage gloves painted with vintage-esque tattoos. YES gloves for my gardening :-)


Ellen Greene, tattoo painted on vintage gloves with anchor, clippership, and sailor motif

Portraits by Ellen Greene

Portraits by Ellen Greene

oil portrait by Ellen Greene

oil portrait by Ellen Greene

Ellen Greene, tattooed leather gloves

Shawn Barber's portraits of heavily tattooed people

Ellen Greene "Suddenly Seymour" Tonight Show - YouTube

A fantastic clip of Ellen Greene on the Tonight Show in February 1987 to promote the movie version of Little Shop of Horrors. She performs "Suddenly Seymour".

Ballad of the Tattooed Lady paintings on vintage leather gloves by Chicago artist Ellen Greene

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