One day I will die because of those pretty elves...

f Wood Elf Wizard Tower Forest Hills naked story One day I will die because of those pretty elves.

Art by Astri Lohne Sjursen

Nightbreeze by Astri Lohne Sjursen on Artstation. Private commission of a LOTR inspired character called Arwen Nightbreeze [:

The Time Of Spells by Candra on deviantART

The Time Of Spells by Candra “ ”This is AU Dark Thranduil, many centuries after events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Inspired by Mandragora Scream song. Most elves left to West, but.

Lothlorien, home of Glad riel and Celeborn. I love the graceful lines of this. So instinctive and gestural

“Lothlorien” Concept Art for The Lord of The Rings, by Paul Lasaine. More at: Paul Lasaine

Let No Soul Harbor Guilt by katorius - Inquisitor Synneve Lavellan, Tempest Rogue

cyrail: “ Let No Soul Harbor Guilt by katorius Featured on Cyrail: Inspiring artworks that make your day better ”

He was the Prince of Demons, the most fearsome warrior of the Court of Darkness.

Illustration inspiration

BOTFA concept art. Speechless. I almost cried, the only reason why i didnt do so, is that i dont really like the last two elf concepts (sorry), they seems too "metallic" and "fish like".

Armor and weapon styles of the Grey Elf army, previously the force used by the Matriarch to assist Dolsiel against the Darkness. No one has seen recently forged gear like this since Pildenar split from Errieat.

An elf's heart is a stubborn thing. When he said he would belong to only her for his whole life. he meant it.

Gu'lan Forest Elf (This is just what I imagined the elf to look like, original artist unknown)

I'd like to think that the Falmer used to look like this before they were forced underground.

Ilrith :: artemorte: Someone mentioned braids in the tags of that hairy Abelas art and it took me like 2 secs to start painting this just how weak am I P. simple quest for everyone) Why did Bill die?