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New glossy black and white iconic photo of Elvis Presley in Jail House Rock. Photo is 8 x 10 . Professionally printed on Kodak paper with no border.

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Portrait Painting Elvis Presley Art Print From Original Watercolor Painting 8 x…

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Happy Birthday To 'The King'

Elvis Presley 1957 Loving You Movie Guitar Shot. Wallpaper and background photos of Elvis Presley 1957 Loving You Movie Guitar Shot for fans of Elvis Presley images.


【これは凄い】有名人たちの知られざるレア画像 125選

Elvis signing autographs on a bicycle, even the King knew the coolness of the bike

Presley and Loren, 1958. I did a little digging and found that this meet-cute occurred while Elvis was shooting his King Creole film. "According to Bob Willoughby [the still photographer], Loren spotted 23-yr-old Presley eating lunch in the Paramount commissary and decided to go over and introduce herself. Which is to say, she promptly sat in his lap, gave him a kiss, and began mussing his carefully sculpted pompadour. He didn't mind." Ha!

Fotos de Famosos con famosos.Maradona y Queen, etc...

1977: A hearse carrying the casket of Elvis Presley leaves Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee, the deceased singer's home Photograph: Bettmann/CORBIS

From the archive, 17 August 1977: Elvis Presley dies and the age of Rock is over

Aug An estimated fans line the streets of Memphis, Tennessee, to watch Elvis Presley’s funeral procession.

Elvis and Little Lisa-Marie...For a Moment, Just A Loving Dad and Not The "King of Rock 'N Roll"--What A Special Shot...

Elvis with daughter Lisa-Marie.Just a loving Dad and not the "King of Rock 'N Roll" - What a lovely picture.

Elvis Presley in a rockin' pose. #music #elvis #theking

Elvis Presley and Bill Black Rock 'N' Roll at the Memorial Coliseum Buffalo, NY : April 1 1957